KLM lures Indian expatriates with special 'Namaste' package


The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a special package targeting the thousands of Indian expatriates in Oman.

The airline's "Namaste India" package offers special fares to destinations in Europe, United States and Canada, with a side trip to India, a report said.

"What the potential passenger has to do is to select any one destination from a given list of cities such as London, Boston, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, Los Angeles or San Francisco," said KLM's regional manager in Oman, A M Vasudevan.

"Then you select a city in India from the given list such as Ahmedabad, Chennai (Madras), Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai (Bombay) or Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum).

"Finally, you choose the direction in which you want to travel, be it to India first or vice versa."

Vasudevan said travel via Mumbai or Delhi to London would be as low as RO320 ($831), while US/Canada would cost upwards of RO425.

"If your choice is to stop in the southern part of India, then the cost will be from RO353 upwards to London and from RO458 to US or Canada," he said.

The rates start at RO327 to London (via Ahmedabad); RO385 (via Chennai); RO320 (via Delhi); RO353 (via Hyderabad); RO320 (via Mumbai) and RO400 (via Thiruvananthapuram).

To US or Canada, the rates are RO433 (via Ahmedabad); RO491 (via Chennai); RO425 (via Delhi); RO458 (via Hyderabad); RO425 (via Mumbai) and RO505 via Thiruvananthapuram.