Soft adventure in Empty Quarter


Modern day adventurers can now explore the Empty Quarter in a little more comfort than the likes of Sir Wilfred Thesiger, the first European to explore Liwa’s 80 kilometre palm groves, scattered settlements and giant sand dunes.
The four star Liwa Hotel lies 220 kilometres from Abu Dhabi in the heart of the rolling dunes of the western region of the emirate. It offers 66 rooms and suites, in addition to three bedroom villas with private pool and barbeque areas. The hotel also provides off site catering for desert feasts under the stars, as well as in a Bedouin tent on the property - or even in the comfort of the dining room.
The Liwa Hotel stands guard over some of the last desert frontier: the great red sand massif of the Rub al Khali ((The Empty Quarter), the oil fields of the Bu Hasa, Shah and Mazrug and the fertile Liwa oasis.
The spectacular desert scenery and rugged terrain, coupled with a convenient location along the modern Sila highway, near Mezzaira village, makes it an enchanting destination for travellers around the world.
Guests have access to four floodlit tennis courts, a volleyball court, fitness facilities with a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room along with children’s pool and playground area.
A selection of restaurants and lounges along with an evening terrace are available. Wireless internet is available in the Lobby area as well as restaurant and absolutely free of charge for guests of the hotel.
Liwa Hotel is operated by Danat Hotels & Resorts, a division of the National Corporation of Tourism & Hotels (NCTH) based in Abu Dhabi.
Wilfred Thesiger, a distinguished explorer and travel writer, called the UAE his second home outside Great Britain, and drew the world’s attention to the challenges of the Arab Bedouin desert life through his writing and over 35,000 vivid photographs.
Travelling, dressing and eating like the Bedouin people, Thesiger earned the title Mubarak bin London from his companions and the respect of the late Sheikh Zayed who once gave him a camel as a gift.