Prestige Jet adds to its fleet


Prestige Jet, which debuted in May last year, has added three new aircraft to its fleet to meet the projected surge in its services in the private charter business. 

The three new planes, Cessna Citation Sovereign, Challenger 604 and Embraer Legacy 600 bring the total number of aircraft operated by the company to 11.

Other aircraft will also join the fleet late in the fourth quarter of this year, while further discussions with manufacturers and other aircraft service providers are at an advanced stage, reflecting the company’s plans to more than double its fleet by the beginning of 2009.

Faris Deeb, Prestige Jet’s managing director said, “Our dynamic, diversified business model has allowed us to offer competitive, top quality services to sophisticated and demanding clientele who expect the best at all times.

“This summer period has witnessed an increase in demand for our aircraft, with the utilisation of the airline’s fleet of 11 dedicated aircraft running on average at 40 per cent above target,” he said.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign has a range of 5,300 km and can cruise at a maximum speed of 840 kph, allowing it to fly as far as Europe or the Far East. It can carry nine passengers and its ability to land and take off from short runways, gives passengers greater freedom and flexibility of using smaller, less crowded airports, closer to their final destination. The three new aircraft have gone into operation from Al Bateen City Airport on the outskirts of the UAE capital.