Sustainable tours in Guatemala


Tourism providers Viaventure have an ongoing commitment to sustainable travel, and have created a number of new tours to visit development programmes which its foundation (Viaventure Foundation) is supporting.

The aim of these tours is for visitors to get a deeper appreciation for some of the development issues facing the country and what programmes are being used to try and combat the root causes and bring forward sustainable solutions.

Also visitors will specifically learn more about the work of the charities that we support and get a chance to meet local people directly benefiting from the programmes. The cost of each tour includes a donation to the project.

The tours include a chance to take part in planting trees in a reforestation project close to Antigua and meeting the local community; attending a micro credit repayment meeting and interacting with the local Maya women to learn about how micro finance has changed their lives; learning about hand weaving textiles with maya women in a village where they have set up their own educational cooperative.

Guests can also visit the farms of small local cooperative coffee farmers and get the opportunity to pick their own coffee and make their own cup of coffee.

Viaventure also offers an eight day tour incorporating these tours and other elements such as carbon offsetting to create what it calls, a totally “Guilt Free Guatemala” experience.

For more information about the company’s operations in Guatemala, Belize and

onduras contact marcia.