Relaxation and yoga is a flight away


SHREYAS Retreat near Bangalore, India, is a 'spa for the soul', a comfortable 14 roomed yoga/rejuvenation retreat which is dedicated to introducing guests to yoga.
It has made some changes over the past year, which includes a new weight management package aimed at promoting healthy and sustainable weight loss, based on making healthy lifestyle changes to each individual guest’s health profiles.
The package includes specific yoga postures that aid toning and metabolism, Ayurvedic treatments that help eliminate toxins, and all meals comprise of a nutritional low calorie diet that caters to individual requirements. Also, naturopathy and Ayurvedic inputs are provided by the retreat’s naturopath doctor.
A new selection of outdoor furniture in Rattan and Balinese has been added, and in the spa at Shreyas additions have been made to the list of freshly prepared body scrubs and masks, namely treatments made of organically grown citrus fruits, aloe vera, rose petals and dry fruits such as almonds.  By popular demand, a variety of Ayurvedic treatments have also been added to the spa menu.
In the organic herb and vegetable gardens there are two additional Machans (wooden structures on stilts), which have been extremely popular with guests.
Gardening lessons on growing herbs organically for daily home needs have also been introduced.
“Shreyas is incredible easy to get to and makes the perfect one centre holiday for anyone wanting a ‘spa for the soul’ or an exceptional introduction to yoga.  It is also ideal for single women, to whom it caters brilliantly,” said the managing director of Mahout Ltd, which represents the retreat in the UK.