High quality visitor success


The 22nd International Travel Expo (ITE) Hong Kong and the third MICE, Business & Incentive Travel Expo (ITE MICE), which ended June 15, saw a record number of 12,900 trade and corporate visitors. In addition, there were 57,500 public visitors, representing increases of 10.7 per cent (ITE MICE) and 8.5 per cent (ITE) over last year.
The Travel Expo in Hong Kong maintained two full days for trade and corporate visitors, and the remaining two days were open to the public. Of the trade and corporate visitors, 20 per cent came from mainland China and 15 per cent from abroad. By sectors, travel agents and tour operators and corporate visitors numbered respectively 6,800 and 3,700, and accounted for around 53 per cent and 28.7 per cent.
Corporate visitors this year increased by 37 per cent, and such strong growth, say organisers TKS Exhibition Services, no doubt resulted from the synergy from the concurrent holding of ITE and ITE MICE.
In the past three years since the concurrent holding was first launched, the number of corporate visitors grew by times when compared to the figure of 900 in 2005.
 “From discussions, media reports and returned questionnaires, exhibitors are happy with the flow and quality of visitors,” said KS Tong, managing director of TKS.