Olomouc Summer School teaches Czech


Olomouc, a charming city in the eastern areas of the Czech Republic, is rich in history. The overwhelming number of monuments and landmarks turned Olomouc into the largest historical town protected monument reserve in the whole country.
The local Palack× University, one of the three largest and most well-known in the country, is attracting students from all over the Czech Republic as well as those from further afield. International students looking to enjoy a summer abroad, discover new places and most importantly, learn a unique and charming language, are welcomed each year to the Summer School of Slavonic Languages (SSSL) at the Philosophical Faculty of Palack× University in Olomouc.
This is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, founded in 1573. The Summer School organises courses of Czech for foreigners, accompanied by courses in Slavonic philology, Russian or even Polish.
Anyone who admires the Slavonic culture is welcome to participate in the programme – and that includes professors, lecturers and students. Within the packed schedule, the mornings are reserved for the language courses, followed by useful and interesting optional lectures during the afternoons. In total a course would be 100 hours of tuition, offers four proficiency levels, and four teaching languages of English, German, Russian and Czech.
The academic content of the programme is balanced by many sightseeing tours, so allowing participants to explore Czech history and culture by travelling to all corners of the country including Prague.
The programme also includes various cultural events like the popular Film Club (video shows of Czech movies), a folklore night (with Moravian national songs and a live folklore music band) and theatre workshops supervised by professional actors with particular emphasis on communicating in Czech.
The intensive language course lasts four weeks (July 20 to August 15 this year) and takes place in the attractive surroundings of the Artistic Centre of the University. This is a treasured historic and representative building with numerous original rooms, including film and theatre hall, concert hall, the Chapel of Corpus Christi, atrium, and a spacious yard.
At the end of the course each student can take an international exam and receive the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages (ECL). The Olomouc Summer School is the first and only in the country to offer this international certificate that is valid in all EU member countries.
Furthermore, the participants are rewarded credits, thus they may transfer them to their home academic institution. See