Royal Jordanian Airlines hails Tejari


Samer Abdul Rahim is head of the procurement and logistics department at Royal Jordanian Airlines. During this time he has overseen an “enormous conversion from traditional to online buying, with the airline now using Tejari’s requisitioning module to automate the process to procure a major portion of their MRO consumables,” he said.
This has earned Rahim membership in the Tejari Leaders’ Club in the “Business Transformation” category.
 “Using Tejari helped us to dramatically reduce our process costs and also gave us added transparency. The benefits of the financial savings are obvious but the time we gained helped procurement staff to focus more on the strategic work,” he said.
The Royal Jordanian Airline modern fleet covers a network of 54 destinations across four continents, and there are now 160 staff worldwide using Tejari’s requisition module.
The airline’s procurement department has all major supplier contracts for the MRO items listed on the Tejari catalogues. Electronic purchase orders are raised directly with all these suppliers, who electronically acknowledge the purchase orders.
Rahim added, “The entire procurement work flow for the major portion of the consumables is done thru Tejari – it’s unique.”