Singapore supporting GCC residents’ medical needs

Dr Yap

SINGAPORE is Asia’s premier destination for international healthcare services, with the highest number of accredited hospitals in the region.

It gained the Best Medical / Wellness Tourism Destination award in the TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2007.
“Singapore welcomed more than 410,000 international healthcare visitors in 2006, with a wider population seeking ancillary healthcare services during recreational and business visits,” said Dr Jason Yap, director (healthcare services), Singapore Tourism Board.
“We continue to see more people from the Middle East travelling for treatment here, particularly as awareness rises about the variety of advanced treatments available within the Singaporean healthcare system. We believe that the partnership model we are currently employing offers significant scope for growth and development,” he added.
Government agencies and companies are working together to provide a comprehensive offering for GCC residents, in particular looking to offer an alternative for those seeking advanced treatment for complex procedures overseas.
The Singaporean healthcare system offers coordinated services to provide Arabic language support, medical travel and hotel arrangements, and support services for families travelling with patients.
Current trends see a high demand for haematology, cardiology, ophthalmology and oncology, as well as cell transplants, living donor liver transplants, and advanced robotic surgery from Middle East travellers. Singapore is also seeing a rising demand for cosmetic procedures from the region.