Amadeus unveils new retailing platform

Al Bloushi

AMADEUS, one of the top global technology companies for the travel and tourism industry, has unveiled its Amadeus Airline Retailing Platform.

The new platform will transform the company’s global distribution system (GDS) from a purely distribution channel to a retailing platform through which airlines can also access and leverage functionality to clearly differentiate their brand.
“The Airline Retailing Platform is a major milestone in the evolution of indirect distribution as it will allow airlines to act like true retailers in one of their most vital channels,” said general manager for Amadeus Gulf, Ghulam Saleh Al Bloushi.
Developed in collaboration with major carriers across the globe, the Amadeus Airline Retailing Platform is designed to offer the best of the GDS world and the best of the online channel.
It aims to combine all the traditional strengths of GDS, such as global reach and higher value sales, with the efficiency, target marketing and brand differentiation opportunities offered by the airlines’ online sales channels.
The new platform, which will be rolled out in phases over the next two years, brings significant enhancements to fares packaging, up-sell, displaying of product characteristics and advertising capabilities, enabling airlines to maximise their selling opportunities beyond simple price and route differentiation. New functionality will ensure airline products are sold in compliance with commercial policies and guarantee revenue integrity.
There will also be a management graphical user interface, through which airlines can manage their distribution set-up through all the Amadeus points of sale. This will enable real-time, standardised business rule deployment, increase the speed of implementation of new functionality and business policies in the channel.