UAE travellers opt for Luton Airport

The Silver Lounge at London Luton Airport

AN unexpected result of Silverjet’s popular new route from Dubai to London has been the increased interest in boutique airports such as London’s Luton airport, where the all-business class carrier’s exclusive private terminal is based.

The convenience of flying into London Luton has been dramatically highlighted by the recent troubles at Heathrow Airport, which has faced major flight and baggage delays including a reported 208 flights cancelled and 15,000 bags lost in the first three days of operation of its new T5 terminal. Now more than ever, the desire to travel hassle-free and avoid the stress of traditional ‘hub’ airports such as Heathrow has driven UAE travellers to look for a way to avoid crowded, super-sized terminals, with airlines such as Silverjet emerging as a fresh alternative for weary passengers.