Get Aero-mobile on Emirates Airline


EMIRATES is the first airline in the world to commercially launch an in-flight mobile telephone service, affording even greater convenience to passengers wishing to stay connected while travelling.

The first authorised mobile phone call made from a commercial flight was made in late March this year at 30,000 feet en-route to Casablanca onboard an Emirates Airbus A340-300 aircraft, the first in the airline's fleet to be equipped with the AeroMobile System.
Emirates will be investing some $27 million to fit its fleet with the AeroMobile System, which ensures that passenger’s mobile phones operate at their absolute minimum power, thereby allowing their safe use on the aircraft. A second aircraft, a Boeing 777-300, has already been installed with the AeroMobile System and will be in operation very shortly.
HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group, said “All seats across our fleet are already equipped with in-seat phones as well as e-mail and text messaging capabilities via the in-seat entertainment system” .