A confident Millenium in Abu Dhabi

The Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is emerging as a major sought after destination and an important hub for trade, finance and tourism, and gearing up to cater for the escalating flow of visitors is the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi.

It is focusing on increasing its portfolio  by strengthening and establishing itself as a powerful brand via eye-catching on going expansions where it has become an icon and a leading venue for business people coming to the capital, according to Moine Kandil, general manager of the hotel.
'The outlook for 2008 and beyond is extremely positive. We are confident that with the increase in the marketing of the UAE worldwide, the presence of the Millennium Hotel will be very evident, in fact, it will constitute a key pillar of the Emirate's hospitality industry and the success is obviously highlighted and the results will speak for themselves,' said Kandil.
He believed the Millennium Hotel had all the ingredients of success and its capacity to grow surpasses all expectations. Kandil said, 'As a hotel we are looking beyond the classical services of a guest by projecting a new and more representative image that reflected  in different areas striving to meet the guests' needs at all times.
“And as a part of its ongoing commitment to success and in order  to make it one of the leading hotels in the region, dynamic trained staff are always selected to not merely fulfill the needs of the guests but to anticipate them. It is not a demand-supply equation, but the challenge is finding the right balance.”
Kandil found that during previous ATM’s they had managed to establish contacts with tour operators and DMCs to create awareness of the Millennium brand which was still new in the area. “The ATM being held in the UAE, helped tremendously in this respect. Furthermore, it has helped get introduced to new electronic channels of reservations,” he said.
Their main objective at ATM 2008 was to continue with networking exercises, getting to know more of the tourism players in the region and getting introduced to new trade happenings and events. They will be targeting tour operators from different markets as well as making new leads from all over the world.