Ten new frontiers hope for award

Vietnam: a destination making headway

REED Travel Exhibitions, organiser of ATM, has announced that 10 destinations have been nominated for this year’s New Frontiers Award.

Now in its third year, the award consists of $10,000 worth of complimentary exhibition space at Arabian Travel Market 2009, which will be given to the destination that has made an outstanding contribution to tourism development in the face of overwhelming adversity.
The destinations were chosen considering a number of factors such as their utilisation of aid packages, support from local and national government, tangible efforts of recovery and sheer determination. California, Peru, Greece, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nicaragua, China, Mozambique and Vietnam are all making tremendous strides after suffering from either man made or natural disasters.
Tom Nutley of Reed Travel Exhibitions said, “The concept for the award was borne out of the remarkable achievements that have been observed over the last three years. The way in which some destinations have recovered from overwhelming disasters was humbling and awe inspiring.
“In recognition of those extraordinary efforts in the face of such adversity, we wanted to salute their exceptional achievements. The reward is both pragmatic and a valuable contribution to increase their marketing efforts still further.”
Three destinations will be selected to go forward to the final round for the panel of judges, made up of a cross section of industry professionals.
Last year’s winner was the Mexican resort of Cancun which was devastated by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. The battered coastline was rebuilt and the resort’s shattered economy was also improved, leading to tourism figures fast approaching former levels.
This year’s recipient will be announced during a special awards ceremony at the Arabian Travel Market’s annual exhibitors’ party to be held on May 6, 2008 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai.