Egypt and India picking up steam on the cruise front


A new report on the European cruise industry, commissioned by the European Cruise Council (ECC), highlights the strength and size of the cruise industry in Europe.

The sector accounts for over 250,000 jobs in Europe, is worth over $15.5 billion in terms of direct expenditure, and accounts for 15 million visits to European ports. Every $1.5 million spent by the cruise industry creates $3.4 million in business output and 21 jobs, paying an average wage of $52,000 according to the ECC report.
Italy remains the most popular country for cruise ports of call, attracting 3.4 million cruise passengers in 2006. Spanish ports (including the Canaries) came second with 2.8 million
followed by Greece (2.5 million), France (1.4 million) and Norway (1.1 million).
However the cruise industry is also increasing in momentum in India, where cruising as a holiday option is becoming more popular among Indian outbound travellers and for international inbound travellers. The domestic industry is becoming more organised, and a new cruise tourism policy is being implemented, with special importance given to ports at Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Tuticorin.