HUSA and Coral join forces


CORAL International Hotels, Resorts & Spas recently formed a commercial alliance with HUSA Hoteles, one of the leading companies in the Spanish hotel industry.

The move, which will broaden business platforms for both groups, is intended to cement a “unique bilateral exchange”, according to Michel Noblet, managing director, Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas at a recent press conference in Dubai.
“HUSA Hoteles is one of the biggest and fastest expanding hotel chains in Spain. A commercial tie up with the company certainly holds strong advantages for Coral International. We recognise the need to develop a cross region business strategy especially in view of the new wave of globalisation sweeping through the industry.’
Similar views were echoed by Jose Gaspart Bueno, president of HUSA Hotels who was in Dubai to finalise the agreement.
“Dubai offers a fertile environment for development and growth. Our tie up with Coral International is aimed at increasing commercial co-operation between both companies while providing us a window to the East and vice versa. As part of our global expansion strategy we have undertaken an ambitious program for the recruitment of new establishments covering all sectors in the hotel and catering areas wherever we operate. A link-up with Coral International will definitely help us to foster a sound foundation in the Middle East.’
Highlighting some of the main benefits of the pact, Noblet said, “First and foremost, it will help us to diversify our feeder markets while giving us connectivity in key European cities. It will also produce synergies in terms of technology and marketing thus enhancing exposure for both parties in their respective regions.”
Bueno too remains confident about the prospects for HUSA in the Middle East. He said, “It is an enormous region and there are huge opportunities for us. A tie up with Coral International is bound to open many avenues for our group.”
Founded in 1930, HUSA Group is unanimously considered a pioneering company in hotel and catering services. The group is structured in two business divisions clearly differentiated: HUSA Hoteles, the first private chain in the history of the Spanish hotel industry and HUSA Restaurant Services. With more than 160 hotels, HUSA is present in many Spanish cities and some of the most beautiful places in the world.
Said Bueno, “Since our creation, our ambition has been to offer a hotel for every style, a commitment that only a leading chain can provide. The success for HUSA comes from constant innovation and confronting new challenges.”