Mandara adopts a ‘hands on’ approach


The Mandara Spa at the Monarch Dubai is focused on high end business travellers in particular those from the gulf region, according to Sharon Barcock, spa director.

“Dubai and the Middle East have seen a boom in the last three years of five star plus hotels coming into the region. Guests are so much more aware of what they want during a stay, and will actively look for hotels that provide these spa facilities.”
She believes that the industry is returning to a much more hands on approach regarding treatments, with a focus on the use of natural products and treatments to balance energy.
“Spa’s offer so much now than they used to,” she commented. “Spa’s are able to offer a variety of treatments from pampering to hi tech that can be incorporated into a lunch break or taken as a relaxing few hours away from everything.  Spa’s offer the escape that we all crave but can’t afford the time to do by way of holidays etc, so a few hours in the spa provides a boost to both mind and body. Not only that, but spa’s now provide user friendly treatments to men, who are now much more comfortable with the concept of a spa and are regular visitors.”
As the Mandara Spa is a global spa the company is able to offer a diverse range of traditional health, beauty and relaxation practices and techniques to draw on.  It also has its own training school where spa therapists undergo training and assessment.