Rester brand seeks UAE locations

Brand: Refad Hotels & Resorts Spokesperson: Christian G Windfuhr, COO
The new Monarch Dubai

How has 2007 fared for Refad Hotels & Resorts?
Refad Hotels & Resort is a hotel management company that operates hotels under four brands: Monarch, Square, Four Star and the Rester.

The Monarch is a luxurious brand, The Square is a product for the frequent business and leisure travellers where superb conference facilities and innovative services dominate, the Four Stars is a mid-scale four star hotel maintaining a casual ambiance.
The Rester is a comfortable and affordable residential product that caters for the corporate guest’s extended stay.
At the moment we have four Rester products operational in Kuwait; we have one Four Star property in Beirut, a Monarch operational in Germany and one that just opened in Dubai. Those are the seven properties on our portfolio now.
The Rester Suites in Kuwait is ready to open and as this is a resort hotel just outside Kuwait we expect to see a lot of interest from Kuwaitis wanting to get away for extended weekends.

Are there plans to enter new markets?
We are looking for locations for our Rester brand in Dubai and the rest of the emirates as well but this depends on how we find the right location and partners for the same.

What are the company’s plans for 2008? 
We have six active projects in the pipeline and a few more that are further away. We believe that with the interest we see in our brands and our form of management, we should achieve our goal to have about 50 hotels in 10 years.
Upcoming projects include The Square Media One in Dubai, which will be a simple five star brand and the Square Capital Tower in Kuwait. We also have a Monarch in Kuwait which is under construction and the Monarch Oqyana project also in Dubai. We are expecting anything between three to five properties to open on the Oqyana under the different Refad brands along with developments like a marina, shopping and residential complex as well as MICE facilities.

What can guests look forward to in the New Year?
The Monarch brand will almost become known on its own, through what it does. We are offering very high quality finishes, a contemporary but Arabic feel. A high standard of service is offered - at the hotel a dedicated butler is available 24/7 for guests at each level. The limousine and butler services come with each room at no additional charges. It is part of our product and we believe that this product will be pitched more to the CEO’s and other top management and not necessarily to everybody in a company.