Coral looks to India, Pakistan and Iran

Brand: Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas Spokesperson: Michel Noblet, managing director
Noblet: Asia bound

How has 2007 fared for Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas?
It has been an amazing year.

Aside from the incredible development in the UAE, the company took up many exciting projects across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In addition, we launched two unique and distinct hotel brands thus paving the way for a new era in hospitality in the region. These are namely, Corp Executive Hotels which is specially designed for corporate travellers and ECOS Hotels which is the Middle East’s first economically sensible and environmentally responsible chain of hotels targeted at budget travellers.

What are the company’s plans for 2008?
This will definitely be a year of new milestones. In September we will celebrate five years in operation, and by then we are confident of signing 40 management contracts (which is way above our initial target of 25 properties). This says it all about our progress.

Are there plans to enter new markets?
Aside from strengthening our presence in the Middle East we are looking to enter India, Pakistan and Iran. These are definitely the most lucrative markets in terms of hospitality and we are extremely excited about being there.

What is the company’s strategy in the face of competition?
We believe change is driven by competition and technology. Product diversification and innovation, sound fundamental values, commitment to excellence, quality service and expansion in key destinations have been and will remain the cornerstones of Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas development strategy. Competition helps us to do better.

Is Coral bullish about 2008? If yes, why?
Coral International is no doubt very bullish about 2008 and this is primarily due to our many significant projects taking shape across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our priority is to ensure maximum return on investment to our partners, finest amenities and services to our customers and excellent work environment and growth opportunities for our employees. 

What can guests look forward to in the New Year?
We offer under our umbrella a full spectrum of choice in terms of hotel categories. From luxurious boutique style hospitality to corporate and budget products we have something to suit every taste and requirement. Building on our strong performance, we look forward to setting new standards in hospitality that will help us in creating the benchmark by which the group will be judged.

What will be the biggest challenges facing you in the Middle East in 2008?
Human resources and training is definitely one of the biggest challenges facing hospitality today. Hence, we are focusing more than ever on human development, promoting knowledge creations and nurturing future