Easy Rider makes Bangkok comeback


Bangkok traffic is notorious, but one hotel has a solution.

The Conrad Bangkok’s solution to its endless snarl-ups is to offer its guests scooters, complete with lady drivers who will ‘get you to the church on time’.
They are employed to whizz business people (and tourists in a hurry) around this congested city at record speed so that you make your meetings with ample time to spare.
For the less intrepid, the luxury hotel has among its limousine fleets a Mercedes-Benz SLK200 sports roadster plus 18 S320 CDIs, all with Harman/Kardon surround sound system complete with 12 speakers. The limousine is included within the hotel’s Ultimate Rush package.
When this service was launched last year Gregory Meadows, general manager, said, “It was the combination of two great brands - Conrad and Mercedes. When limousine transfers were first launched you were asked ‘cold towel?’, with the Conrad’s latest transfer you will be asked ‘roof up or down?’.
“Our research highlighted that there was a potential niche in the market for the single business traveller who only had carry on plane luggage and who did not necessarily want the traditional airport transfer,” he said.