Julia Dumna named new Syr a GSA for Oman Air


ACCORDING to an airline statement, Oman Air has appointed Julia Dumna as its general sales agent (GSA) in Syria, the airline said in a statement.

“Appointing Julia Dumna as our GSA in Syria falls in line with the airline’s strategy, initiated to expand our services in the Middle East,” said Oman Air’s senior sales manager Abdulrazaq Alraisi.  “We are certain that with an experienced and professional company like Julia Dumna, Oman Air will get the necessary support to develop its business in Syria once the service is launched and enhance its presence among the holiday-seekers in the GCC and Middle East region,” he addded.
“As the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our operations to the Middle East and other inter-national destinations. Adding new destinations and increasing freq-uencies to the region is a vital component of our strategy.
“We are delighted to be appointed as Oman Air’s GSA in Syria having met their required standards. We will do our utmost to establish excellent business opportunities, facilitate commun-ication and customer satisfaction through our specialized skilled workforce and associate part-ners,” said Julia Dumna general manager Khaldoun Makhlouf.
The airline recently procured ‘Net Access’ system from Sabre, which has enabled the airline to communicate within the network, bypassing the legacy systems. Net Access was initially meant to be used for reservations only.