History, shopping and more

A Korean traditional folk dance

Arabs are showing increasing interest in travelling to Korea, says Kim Baeho, director of the Korea Tourism Organization in Dubai.

“The majority of leisure travellers from the Middle East tend to be wealthy families who are looking to discover new, previously unex-plored destinations. Korea, with its blend of historical treasures and modern amenities, is an ideal choice for these travellers,“ he says.
Korea ensures that visitors can travel in quality, safety and comfort.  It has a number of exciting things to do and places to see, including everything from amusement parks to traditional villages, museums, mountains, lakes, valleys, beaches, shopping districts, hot springs, and more. As for accommodation, there are a total of 558 hotels and 61,824 rooms in Korea.
Korea, with its 5,000-year old history, lies in a temperate climate zone and has four distinct seasons.
Its capital, Seoul, is a city renowned for business and modern high-rises, and it has many must-see attractions, including the Lotte World Amusement Park, Seoul Tower, countless parks and museums, casinos, cafes, and more.
One of the capital’s most famous attractions, Namdaemun Market, with its 600-year old history, serves as Korea's oldest open-air market, and it sells everything from clothes to flowers, art work, ceramics, handicrafts, clothing, glasses and imported goods.
In addition to shopping, Seoul has many historical treasures, including a number of royal palaces that date back over 500 years.
70 per cent of the country is covered by mountainous terrain, making for picturesque landscapes of scenic hills, valleys and 20 national parks.
Korea is also ideal for a family vacation because of the endless shopping opportunities, pristine beaches, rich culture, age-old traditions and entertaining amusement parks, which are open 365 days a year.