Iberotel goes green with Fujairah property

The newly opened Miramar Al Aqah

REITERATING their global commitment to environment issues, Iberotel has announced that the Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort will implement green policies across all its operations.

The five-star property in Fujairah is the hotel and leisure group’s first offering in the UAE, with launch imminent in the last quarter of 2007.
Announcing details of the groups’ global green policy, and its implementation across their activities and operations in Fujairah, Ashraf Helmy, area business development manager, Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort, said that overall objectives of the programme are to conserve, protect and enhance the environment.  
“Our environment pledge and policy is multi-faceted and many-tiered, and it covers almost all aspects of our operations – ranging from the obvious conservation of energy and water, to more select programmes like waste segregation and recycling,” he explained. 
Energy and water consumption are monitored and controlled diligently at all Iberhotel properties, with strong in-house programmes including a spectrum of meter readings, spreadsheet-based tracking and controls, and there will be no exceptions in Fujairah.
“We are also finalising plans for a desalination plant to be located on the property that will treat consumed water, and recycle it for use in gardening. Likewise, waste water will be used for irrigation,” he added.  
One of Iberotel’s most successful programmes around the world, and ready to be implemented in Fujairah, is that of waste management, where all waste – paper, natural fabrics, plastic, packaging, chemicals and organic materials – are segregated, recycled and reused to best available combinations.
In addition to upholding and implementing their 14-point green policy, and as part of their conservation efforts, the Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort will feature a green house, and most herbs required in their kitchens will be grown in the resort gardens.
Helmy said that in Fujairah, Iberotel would also engage the voluntary participation of their suppliers and guests in their efforts to protect the environment.