Sharjah returns for fourth WTM showing

Sharjah’s Blue Souq

THE Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority will be making its fourth consecutive appearance at WTM this year.

It leads a team of senior officials from within the SCTDA as well as other exhibitors from the emirate.
Among those joining the SCTDA at this year's event are the Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah National Hotels, the Sharjah Museums Department, Qanat Al Qasba, Orient Tours, the Millennium Hotel Sharjah, the Embassy Suites Sharjah, the Coral Beach Resort and Arabianlink Tours.
The Sharjah delegation, whose participation at this event has in the past proved enormously beneficial to the emirate's tourism sector, will be headed by Mohamed A Al Noman, director general of the SCTDA.
“Our participation in the World Travel Market exhibition has delivered excellent results in the past, which reflect the interest of the global community in the emirate of Sharjah as a world-class tourist destination. We aim to make the most of the exposure offered by our involvement in events of this stature, and are pleased to represent Sharjah and its many attractions in this arena," Al Noman said in a statement.
"We take great pride in our ability to come together and work as a team to promote tourism in the emirate of Sharjah. Our participation in this year's exhibition illustrates our determination to further expand our reach and to maintain a solid international presence.
“Sharjah is a particularly popular destination among European tourists, and WTM offers us an excellent platform from which to further promote our tourism sector, securing a prime position for Sharjah on the world tourism map,” he added.
The SCTDA stand at this year's WTM will be a unique juxtaposition of the emirates rich cultural heritage with the modern infrastructure and facilities that make Sharjah a safe, convenient and family-friendly destination that keeps visitors coming back to experience more of its typically Arabian hospitality. The stand will feature displays of a number of the emirate's various unique attractions, including Qanat Al Qasba, one of the region's most popular tourist destinations, as well as providing current and accurate information on the emirate, in English, for visitors' benefit.
The SCTDA has dedicated itself in recent years to strengthening Sharjah's position on the global tourism map, an aim which has been the driving force behind the Authority's tireless efforts and constant pursuit of innovative new channels for the promotion of the emirate as a top-notch tourist destination. These efforts have proved fruitful in recent years, resulting in a dramatic increase in the numbers of visitors to the emirate each year for the last two years.