Afriqiyah to grow network


Afriqiyah Airways, which has its hub in Tripoli, is expanding its network into Africa as well as into Europe.

Beginning October 29, the carrier begins Airbus A320 service from Dusseldorf to Tripoli three times a week. “Afriqiyah Airways is an  established airline that operates an aviation hub in the Libyan capital. In Tripoli, passengers may connect to numerous destinations throughout western and central Africa,” said Christoph Blume, spokesperson for Dusseldorf Airport.
“This flight connection is an additional building block in the airport’s strategy of expanding air travel to meet the mobility needs of our region. As the largest non-European supplier of petroleum to Germany, it is growing in importance.”
The carrier recently took delivery of a new 170-seat Airbus A320, PANA reported.The delivery ceremony was held at the Maatigua International Airport in the eastern suburb of Tripoli.
The delivery is the first of the 23 medium-haul Airbus planes, of the A320, A319 , A350 and A330 types, ordered by the airline. Some 17 other planes are expected to be delivered to Afriqiyah between this month and 2017.
Afriqiyah Airways begins flights to Dakar, Senegal on October 1.
The airline hopes to fly to a variety of new destinations, subject to approval, including Dubai, Johannesburg, Manchester, Beirut, Marseille, Shanghai and Brazzaville.