Europe proves top honeymoon choice for UAE couples

Dubai is now the ideal city for your dream wedding: Madinat Jumeirah is one possible venue

The Bride Show 2007 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi conducted surveys that showed that while 48 per cent of their visitors still preferred Europe as the top honeymoon destination, 25 per cent of the visitors preferred Asia followed by Middle East and North America, both with seven per cent of votes.

While Italy and France were the top two destinations in Europe, there were interests for countries like Malta and Scotland. Maldives still dominates its position as a favourite getaway in Asia, the USA and Hawaii were top destinations in Americas.
With its year-round sunny weather and manifold beautiful and affordable venues to host wedding receptions, an increasing number of expats and Western tourists are choosing Dubai as their destination of choice for their wedding, as well as honeymoon.
Last year alone, the Anglican Church in Dubai solemnised about 400 weddings of expats and tourists from all over the world. With options like the beaches of Burj Al Arab to the palatial One & Only Royal Resort or to simply getting married in the desert with friends in their 4X4’s, Dubai has developed itself as a fashionable destination to exchange wedding vows.
The wedding industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry with an estimated growth of 20 per cent per annum. The UAE is one of the most affluent markets where tradition weddings are very important and no expense is spared. The average cost of a wedding in the UAE is estimated to cost about Dh300,000 and includes everything from bridal accessories, to exotic décor, fine cuisine and the perfect honeymoon.