Historic Singapore F1 for 2008 start


The first-ever Formula 1 night race will take place in Singapore on September 28, 2008.

According to the recently announced 2008 F1 race schedule, the Singapore F1 Grand Prix will be the 15th among the 18 race events in the calendar, making it likely to be an important and exciting race in the fight for the 2008 Drivers and Constructors Championship.
For fans eager for more, Singapore based 3D visualisation company
G Element has built the proposed Singapore GP route in 3D using Google Earth.
A decision on whether the Formula One race in Singapore will take place at night or in the day is expected by year's end
The country’s minister of state for trade and industry S Iswaran told reporters earlier this year that the event would bring in about 100,000 visitors. Of that 100,000, maybe 30 or 40 per cent will be visitors who come in over a three- or four-day period, significantly contributing to the
island’s tourism industry, he said.