Sharjah expects high tourist turnout this summer

The Qanat Al Qasba is preparing to receive a high volume of tourists

The UAE emirate of Sharjah is expecting a high volume of Gulf tourists this summer.

Following the launch of its various summer promotional activities, Sharjah has started receiving a large numbers of tourists from all over the world.
The most prominent of these activities is the Sharjah Summer Promotion, underway since June 19 and set to run until August 29
The promotion includes special discounts, offers and activities aimed at encouraging shoppers during the summer season.
Other entertainment and shopping activities include Qanat Al Qasba’s awe-inspiring shows and shopping centres’ spectacular promotional events and special discounts, in addition to competitive offers by Sharjah’s hotels.
The emirate of Sharjah is preparing to receive a high volume of Gulf tourists this summer, having recently concluded a GCC Road Show, organised by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), which showed the high level of interest in Sharjah, among Gulf Tourists looking for an ideal place to spend the summer this year.
SCTDA director-general Mohamed Ali Al Noman stressed on the importance of tourism season in Sharjah, pointing to the various attractions of the emirate and the big events being held in Sharjah in summer, including the Sharjah Summer Promotion.
That used to be organised by the SCTDA, this annual promotion is aimed at supporting the emirate’s tourist attractions.
Al Noman referred to the tourist attractions of the emirate’s Eastern Area of the emirate such as the wonderful nature in khorfakkan  that attracts both, tourists and residents.
He added: “GCC countries are the most important source of tourists to the emirate of Sharjah, with more than a quarter of a million Gulf tourists visiting Sharjah last year.
“For this reason, the SCTDA exerts more effort each year, in order to attract more tourists to the emirate, which is a reputed family tourist destination.”
He said Sharjah’s tourism sector has made great strides recently, adding that marked improvements in the emirate’s infrastructure and other service sectors have opened the door for investments in the hotel, tourism and commercial sectors.
“The SCTDA is aims to boost and participate in the economic progress of Sharjah through the expansion of its marketing and promotional campaigns, focusing on the uniqueness of Sharjah and its intricate blend of past and modern development. These elements are sure to enrich the emirate’s commercial and tourism sectors,” said Al Noman.