Galileo launches virtual training for agencies


GALILEO, a leading global distribution system (GDS) and subsidiary of Travelport, launched its new, time and cost efficient, travel agency virtual training programmes aimed at helping agents to expand their knowledge of hotels, which will support them in finding alternative revenue streams.

Complementing an existing portfolio of classroom training, on-the-job training and tailor-made training programmes, Galileo is now launching Virtual Classroom - a new, state-of-the-art training tool.
The training concept consists of short, focused, condensed training modules lasting up to 60 minutes. The modules are conducted with live trainers via phone, the internet and self study tutorials, giving agencies the flexibility to train their staff on all the latest information without having to leave the comfort and surroundings of their own desk and office environment.
Virtual training also allows agents to choose to be trained at the time of day that best accommodates their day to day business operations. 
The Virtual Classroom sessions are free of charge to all Galileo-connected travel agencies in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa and are accessible through simple online registration. 
The Virtual Classroom launch is focused on Galileo Hotels and offers five one hour online instructor lead courses from Monday to Friday, with four sessions to choose to register for on each day. Each course is dedicated to a specific aspect of booking hotels. For the rest of the year, one week every month will be devoted to training on Galileo Hotels. Hotel partners will be sponsoring the training modules and offering agents the chance to win prizes.