DCA’s Airline Services take off online


In line with the e-Government policy of Dubai and as part of its plan to develop online services for the benefit and convenience of customers, Dubai Department of Civil Aviation has launched a self-service web solution for requests and transactions pertaining to flight operations at Dubai International Airport as a One Stop Shop Solution.

The service will lead to setting a standard in the aviation industry for benchmarking Flight Operations readiness.
Accessible through the airport website, the English-Arabic bilingual airline services portal allows customers to communicate with DCA 24/7 from any part of the world. They can submit requests, get notifications and status updates on the status on submitted requests and tasks completions through state of the art technologies like email and SMS, and get confirmation notifications on the completion of their request, among others.
An interactive self service linked to DIA’s Payment Gateway the portal is integrated with SITA and AFTN, and with modes of communication such as facsimile, electronic mail and SMS. It offers a secure environment, timely notifications, alerts, status updates through SMS and emails, an efficient search engine, and is also linked with the Executive Flight Services website.
 The Airline Services portal also brings online additional services such as fire coverage, x-ray security, fuelling extra security aero bridge, portable water toilet Service, EFS passenger handle request, Catering request, ground power VISA request and Al Majlis request handling.