Brunei wants your business


Brunei, best known perhaps for its legendary sultans, is sending a delegation to two regional trade fairs this month in a bid to raise its numbers of visitors from the GCC countries.

The ATM and BITE Bahrain will both see delegations from the tiny country attending, who will reach out to agents and bookers looking to send MICE and FIT travellers to exotic new destinations. The country offers history going back to medieval times, Islamic tourism, vast natural diversity and spectacular diving, superb golfing and water sports, and some of the most opulent hotels in the world.
All of this is part of the build up to Visit Brunei 2008. The country hopes to raise international tourist arrivals at a minimum of seven per cent per annum and to increase hotel occupancy rate to 50-60 percent by 2008; to have more MICE events organized in Brunei such as the recently launched 3rd Abacus Holiday and Travel Fair, to launch Brunei’s commitment to The Green Heart of Borneo Project in 2006, thus paving the way for more energetic eco-tourism industry in the country, to have the new Cultural Village completed and in operation by the end of 2007 and to routinely organize and facilitate tourism events annually and to capitalize on those organized by other stakeholders.
Brunei’s travel and tourism Industry is expected to contribute 1.8 per cent or $214 million to the nation’s GDP this year. Travel and tourism is expected to generate $1,937 million of economic activity in 2007, growing 4/6 per cent annually.