Business visa in 24 hrs


Saudi Arabia has liberalized its visa rules for foreign businessmen and investors who can get them within 24 hours directly from its missions abroad, a senior official has said.

Muhammad Bin Ahmed Tayeb, Director General of the Foreign Ministry’s office in the Makkah region, says: “We have developed a new system for the issuance of business visas. Businessmen anywhere in the world can now apply for visas to visit the Kingdom, without any restrictions.”
Tayeb said, Saudi missions abroad have been instructed to issue business visas within 24 hours. “Applicants do not need a Saudi sponsor to get visas. They only need a letter from the federation of chambers in their respective countries,” the official added.
Company representatives carrying an invitation from a Saudi chamber but with no business relations with a Saudi firm are also entitled to receive entry visas.
“Saudi embassies can directly issue business visas, as they need not wait for any approval from the Kingdom,” Tayeb said.