Bahrain’s BITE offers a chance to meet the world


THE Bahrain International Travel Expo (BITE) is setting up for yet another successful year in 2007, with an expected 20,000 visitors set to attend, according to a spokesman.

This year’s edition is set for the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, from May 8 to 10, and is being billed the best place in Bahrain for travellers to find best deals on various world class destinations.
For the third consecutive year, BITE will be held under the auspices of Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Commander-in-Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force where it is presented and organized by MEEM – Magnum Events and Exhibitions Management.
Exhibitors participating in BITE range across the travel and tourism spectrum. “It is an ideal opportunity for world class hotels and health resorts, airlines and cruise liners, travel agencies and car rental companies to gather in a single venue to showcase their products,” says the spokesperson. “BITE is an event for all participants to strengthen as well as expand their business relationships and networking within the travel and tourism industry.” Destinations across the world are sold in packages to the convenience of those buying, with a heightened advantage of having multiple choices.
“Globalization will be defined visually as one enters the exhibition to witness representatives from all over the world selling the near and distant vacation spots with luxury, convenience and competitive offers. BITE does not only sell destinations, but also serves to educate those involved in, he says.
The latest travel trends, as well as projected new and emerging travel destinations around the world will all be at hand.”
“The globe seems to be simultaneously growing and becoming a smaller place. New travel destinations are erupting as countries are proliferating and acknowledging the importance of attracting the rest of the world to them, whether for business or pleasure. BITE serves all of those wanting to be involved in teaching and learning about an evolving world. Due to its many purposes and advantages, BITE redefines Bahrain as the centre of the Gulf and the Middle East.”  More information on this international consumer show is available at