Medical packages at Janna


FOR the agent looking to get into the lucrative medical tourism business, you don’t need to convince your clients to take a six-hour flight: try selling a medical treatment in Jordan, instead.

The Flamingo Therapy Center at the Janna Spa and Resort at Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan, is offering a variety of packages to treat ailments as varied as psoriasis, rheumatism and strokes.
From skin diseases to neurological and muscle problems, the property offers packages that vary in length from one week to five weeks, priced from $375 upwards.
The treatment for psoriasis, eczema and acne, for instance, includes three bubbling baths per week, three full-body mud wraps per week, two full-body Swedish massages using sweet almond oil each week and the use of the solarium and thermal water pool. This package is priced at $375 for one week and $2185 for four weeks.
Similar packages for treatment of rheumatism and psoriatic arthritis are priced at $600 for one week and $3500 for four weeks.
All packages include service charges and government taxes and are valid through December 31. They are commissionable at 10 per cent for travel agents.
Jordan is generally a country with scarce water resources but it enjoys the abundant presence of thermal and mineral waters distributed all over its territories and especially along the Rift Valley.
The thermal water sites along this valley enjoy special climatic conditions with long dry summers and cool wet winters and atmospheric concentrations of oxygen increasing with decreasing elevation towards the Dead Sea. In that same direction, there is a stronger absorption of waves before the radiation of the sun’s rays reach the ground surface. This is because of increased thickness of the atmospheric layer that cannot be penetrated by radiation, says a statement from the centre.
The water at the Ma’in Spa issues from 63 springs of various output and each has different benefits. Water containing hydrogen sulphide gas, for example, helps the blood circulation and nervous system, while radioactive water containing Radon can be used for numerous rheumatic diseases and in certain cases of sterility and gynaecology.
Located 30km away from the ‘mosaic city’ of Madaba, the Janna Spa and Resort is an hour’s drive from Amman and 20 minutes from the Dead Sea. It has 78 guest rooms, 14 suites, two royal suites and a variety of F&B outlets.