MENA Awards expect 75,000 votes


ORGANISERS of next year’s MENA Travel Awards estimate between 75,000 and 95,000 votes for the coming year’s event, according to a statement from the organisers, Consultants of Hospitality Administrators International (CHA).

The event will be held during the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, on May 3, under the slogan ‘Integrity of Hospitality Challenges Awards’.
CHA has launched its new website,, where visitors can browse the coming year’s race activities and review the 2004, 2005 and 2006 actual celebration’s photos & videos.
“With no prejudice all industry entrants are accepted based on their respective Ministry of Tourism rating / respective category,” says Dr Sam Saker, president of CHA International.
“They have entered, and will always do, regardless of being an international or a local organization. Qualities of product / Service are the winner's particulars. None other will influence the end results of the race.”
The Travel Awards measure excellence, says Dr Saker. Companies that have been in operation for at least the past twelve months may enter the 2007 Awards now. “We would like to change the widely held perception or stereo type that the Five Star hotels in Middle East are equivalent, in service and product quality, to the Four Star hotels in Europe and North America,” he says. “We have better products and services in the region and we are out to prove it.”