Bangalore: India’s new spa capital

Evening by the pool at the Golden Palms

THE southern Indian city of Bangalore, perhaps more famous for its associations with business process outsourcing, is now more associated with the wellness sector, with several luxury spas setting up in the city, whose equable climate ensures sightseeing isn’t hot or humid.

And already, Middle Eastern clients have found their way there.
Most spas are away from the stress of the city, and guests can experience the magic of medicinal mineral waters and rejuvenating treatments. At these spa resorts in Bangalore, guests can enjoy in pure luxury with the world's best specialists in spa treatment.
Spa packages here include free consultation and guidance on the premises with the fitness experts in the field of fitness, yoga, stress consultants and dieticians. Each resort has a distinct identity and feel.
The Prestige Angsana Spa is a place that makes guests ‘sense the moment,’ in the words of their general manager Aditya Mata. “Angsana Spa embraces the contemporary, holistic and non-clinical tropical garden spa concept. We offer spa packages with Ayurveda and Thai treatments ranging from four, seven and 15 days. Special rejuvenation packages for Middle East residents would include pre- and post-medical treatment therapies and hydro treatments.” Group bookings for package tours can be negotiated with the resort officials.
Guests can enjoy their treatments in serene open-air pavilions or in the cool air-conditioned comfort of indoor treatment rooms. Each location features individual treatment rooms or pavilions so that guests can enjoy complete privacy and personal service.
The Golden Palms resort and spa attracts a lot of Middle East clients who sometimes spend up to one month at the resort on packages including cosmetic surgery and weight loss. “There are separate rooms for ladies, even when exercising and Arabs feel very much at home here. Our golf carts take them around the resort, and spa meals are tailor-made to guests’ needs,” says assistant manager Varun Sharma. While between 30 and 40 per cent of guests are from the UK, Germany, Australia and Italy, about 20 per cent of the resorts’ guests are from the Middle-East, and with a Lebanese F&B manager, guests have the comfort of someone who speaks their language, he says.
A weight management programme at Golden Palms can range from $5,500 for 10 days to $14,285 for a month, including stay, customized programmes, massages, body-toning, Ayurveda and more.
Another spa is the 100-acre well-known INYS Jindal Health Resort (Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) on the outskirts of the city. Despite a strict food, exercise and meditation regime, bookings must be made three months in advance, and guests can only be admitted to the facility after a medical check-up. The day begins at 5am and ends at 8pm and a minimum package of 10 days is a must. Packages are priced between $200 and $500 for 10 days inclusive of stay, food and treatment. “We at Jindal believe in a true holistic package with  reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure and physiotherapy, all forming a package with diet, recreation and massages, says Dr Prince Immanuel, head of the Physiotherapy department at INYS. “Bangalore is truly emerging as the spa capital of India and treatments at many resorts are of a high standard,” he adds. 

by Jyoti Easwaran