Bahrain promotes e-visa system


A major campaign has been launched by Bahrain’s government to encourage more visitors to make use of the e-visa facilities.

All five-star hotels, major airlines and leading travel agents are now linked to the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence (GDNPR) e-visa portal All government agencies and the financial sector will soon be linked to the system, said Nationality, Passports and Residence assistant under-secretary Shaikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa. This will reduce the workload at GDNPR and minimise inconvenience to major customers, he said. “Currently, between 600 and 800 e-visas are issued every month by GDNPR.”
Up to five user names with password are given to major institutions, said Shaikh Ahmed. “They can now apply for 72-hour and one-week visas online, and it will soon be extended for one month. The customers can make payment online and it proves a great boon to thousands of visitors to Bahrain.”
The e-visa system is now moving to the next stage of development, he said. “The idea is to offer this facility for all potential clients in the public and private sectors,” he added. Nationals of 35 countries are now granted visa on arrival at Bahrain International Airport. “We advise them to apply visa online and make payment with credit cards. The e-visa facility will make their entry to Bahrain easier -- as they do not have to wait in queue at the immigration counters.”