Gulf carriers face skilled HR shortage


CARRIERS in the Asian Pacific and Middle East regions are facing serious shortages of skilled personnel due to the surge of aircraft orders, according to the latest report by airline industry association Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA).

According to Pater Harbison, executive chairman of CAPA, staff shortages is the biggest ‘potential disruption’ to aviation growth in the region, ahead of fuel costs and rising interest rates. “The problem could affect expansion plans of some airlines,” he said.
Airline operators in the regions are expected to require an additional 150,000 employees to support the new aircraft orders.
Carriers most affected are airline operators in China, India and the Middle East. “It’s the big storm on the radar. Airlines in the fast-growing markets, feeling the turbulence, have started trimming expansion plans.”
“Pilots and maintenance engineers are the most sought after. It's going to push up wages, adding to the cost equation,” added Kevin O'Toole, head of strategy from Flight International. "Pilots from lower-wage countries are being poached en masse by feisty new carriers from the Middle East.”
The UN International Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) has forecast the Asian Pacific region to experience a stable annual passenger growth ‘above the world average.’