Gulf Air picks Sabre IET hub


GULF Air is set to join the Sabre Airline Solutions interline electronic (IET) ticketing hub.
The Middle Eastern carrier is expected to ‘go live’ during the third quarter of this year, joining 57 other airlines already part of the scheme.

IET is part of the two-year, full-service electronic ticketing project Sabre Airline Solutions is undertaking for Gulf Air. Other projects include enabling e-ticketing through the airline’s own direct booking channels.
The IET project is based around the ticketing component of the SabreSonic Passenger Solutions suite of traveller management technology – part of a portfolio of more than 100 integrated products designed to help airlines market themselves, sell their products, serve customers and operate more effectively. It will allow Gulf Air to stay hosted on its independent reservations system while issuing electronic records within the Sabre electronic ticketing database.
Meanwhile, business consultants from Sabre Airline Solutions have helped Gulf Air realise financial benefits of more than $30 million over an 18-month period. The ‘no gain, no fee’ consulting engagement, agreed in 2004, involved changes in five areas of the airline's operation. The consultants used Sabre Airline Solutions products to help the airline market its schedule, sell tickets, serve its customers and operate more efficiently.

In related news, Gulf Air’s strength across the Middle East has been confirmed with a 2006 Skytrax Award for best regional airline. The travelling public also awarded the airline with the Best Onboard Catering Excellence for a third consecutive year following a survey of 2,046,117 eligible interviews. The airline’s cabin crew were voted second in same survey.
The airline recently won the prestigious Mercury Gold award in the onboard service category and was named overall winner by the International Travel Catering Association (ITCA), also for onboard service.