The instant buffet

The new and trendy inflatable Patapoof

PATAPOOF, billed the first inflatable buffet and one used to cater for the President of France, made its regional debut at the Hotel Show.

Crafted from swimsuit fabric, the material is treated to make it fire-proof. It is also elastic and resistant to heat and UV light, which makes it easy to manage and clean.
Says Frank Cailliez, managing director of Global Expansion Team, which represents Patapoof, “There has been an immense interest for the Patapoof from visitors all over the region. We have a product that not only looks good, but is efficient and useful too. With its easy-to-operate functionality, the Patapoof will find its place at any function easily.”
Designed by Fred Greneron of Du Bonheur, the Patapoof range of inflatable products comes in 20 colours. A wide range of designs are available including the buffet, stand up and eat table, coffee table and the inflatable bar. Each item comes with foldable steel bases and is charged continuously with a blower. The inflatable bar comes with a separate compartment to hold a mini fridge and can hold up to 75kgs. It is also easy to store and transport and when deflated, fits into a portable bag and weighs less than 77 pounds. It also takes just five minutes to inflate.
The product can be customised with company names or logos, which are imprinted on the cover, a solution sought out by the likes of Laurent Perrier.