Joitex to focus on ecotourism, wellness

Taking a mud bath at the Dead Sea

GOLDEN Bridge is organizing the first edition of the Jordan International Tourism Expo (Joitex) from July 10 to 13.

The event is being held in co-ordination with the ministry of tourism and the Jordan Tourism Board, according to a statement by the company’s Saleh Miqdadi. The show opens with more than 500 exhibitors representing more than 200 companies in 45 countries, according to the company.
Joitex is being marketed as a networking event specifically designed to exploit the unlimited opportunities offered by Jordan with its tourist sites and its geographical location. Such gatherings proved beyond any doubt to be the most effective and the most powerful medium in establishing and maintaining business relations, according to a company spokesman.
The  mission is to provide unique integrated marketing opportunities and deliver contacts that create value for business, strengthen current relations and generate product interest through facilitating collaboration, identifying requirements, matching customers' prospects, needs and expectations by maximizing business and networking opportunities.
Specific topics being covered are Therapeutic Tourism and Ecotourism, with Jordan being considered a leading country for both. More information is available at