Airbus A380 lands at Heathrow

London’s Heathrow is gearing up for the big A380

THE Airbus A380, the world’s biggest passenger jet, has landed at London's Heathrow Airport for the first time.

Making its UK debut after a flight from Berlin, the giant twin-deck plane had earlier flown over the two UK Airbus sites that designed and made its wings.
Staff at the facilities in Broughton, Flintshire, and Filton, near Bristol, cheered as it passed low above them, said a report.
Heathrow operator BAA is spending £450 million ($836.7 million) so that it is ready to handle the A380 when it starts commercial flights later this year.
Developed by the European Airbus consortium for about £6bn, the A380 has been heralded as a major milestone in aviation history. The jet maker has taken 159 firm orders for the plane from 16 carriers.