‘We are a reflection of true luxury’

Marro: translating brand passions into service

THE Bulgari has long been associated with the ideals of exquisite design, fine craftsmanship and an exclusive sense of style.

Now these same qualities are translated in the Bulgari Hotel, set in Milan’s beautiful Brera district. The hotel has great presence, articulated by its soft tones and geometric forms in wood, marble and granite. Originality and warmth embrace the rooms and suites, the simple ease of the lounge, the convivial and spacious restaurant and bar. And nature is part of it, in the garden, the spa and the cuisine. With all its carefully conceived facilities and services, the Bulgari Hotel, Milan has given new expression to the Italian flair for innovation and tradition. JACKIE KENNEDY spoke to the hotel’s general manager, Atillo Marro:

What is the concept of the Bulgari Hotel?
The philosophy behind Bulgari is that it is a reflection of contemporary style to its ultimate extent, with an incredible quality of materials true to today’s style. It is not a futuristic extravagant design but the best design today in Italy and is designed with the highest craftsmanship, using the best materials and accessories at the very top of the range. We are a reflection of true luxury.

What sort of style would you say your rooms were?
Bulgari is a bold contemporary Italian jeweller with all contemporary types. We are a reflection of that quality, attention to detail, rare hand-picked materials that speak for themselves with an absence of unnecessary decoration. Behind the massive doors are quiet colours and neutral shades of fabric which contrast with darker tones of furnishings and marble. The effect is calm and distinctive and of course we have the very latest technology; our bathrooms are of warm intimacy.

With Versace, Armani and so on, do you think there is any more space for designer hotels or is the market reaching saturation point?
There is always room for more and always room for every kind of hotel, there are people who like the more contemporary, people who like the more traditional or extravagant, so depending on the evolution of people’s taste and needs, we have to adapt and find their niche, it is a constant evolution.

How do you transfer a designer brand to an hotel?
The most important thing is that you are able to align the product in all its components, so not only the product itself but the service, uniforms, food and to keep with the culture of the company. Many brands have a passionate, emotional relationship with their customers and I think it is important that anyone creating a new line of products, whether hotel, jewellery, or something else, has to reflect in that new product the brand’s heritage, tradition and culture. They have to be able to understand what elements are required and how to translate them into an element of service.

What mistakes do you think people make when they are designing an hotel?
There are some who try too hard and go over the top but there is also a market for them. Personally I love to go to a designer hotel but sometimes I like to go to a more traditional property; I think there is something for everyone’s taste.

Where do your guests come from?
Very international. We also have a good amount of Arabian guests too, particularly during the summer months. Milan is a great city for shopping and people who are sensitive to design and culture like to stay at our hotel because it is a very special experience. We are a resort in the middle of Milan which is really unique, we have 40,000sqft of garden right in the city yet it is really silent. The gardens are integral to the spirit and balance of the hotel. Gentle greens and dark stone are designed and composed with form, light and shade, the garden is almost like another room, for eating, drinking, relaxing or just strolling.
The Bulgari Hotel Milano, is located right by the city’s Botanical Gardens. It is next to the famous shopping rectangle of Montenapoleone and Via Spiga as well as being close to the historical Duomo and La Seala. For reservations +39 02 805 8051 or