Haute treatments at Janna Spa

Hot springs at Janna Spa

VISITORS looking for an unusual spa getaway would do well to head down to the magnificent Janna Spa & Resort in the famous hot springs of Jordan, newly acquired by the Flamingo Hotel Management Company.

Tucked away tucked away in the Ma’in valley of Jordan, locally known as Hammamat Ma’in, the Janna Spa & Resort is a stone’s throw from the Dead Sea. It is located 30km away from the ‘mosaic city’ of Madaba and is easily reached by car or bus.
Recently renovated, re-branded and repositioned by new operators Flamingo Hotel Management Company, the hotel is a fully-serviced 5-star resort with internal spa facilities and services such as mud and facial wrapping, under water massage, chromotherapy and Jacuzzi baths, just to name a few. Recreational facilities will include a Roman bath, thermal waterfalls, hiking tours, tennis and more.
Says the property’s owner Dr Ghaith Pharaon, “We are pleased to invest in a destination with many iconic tourist attractions such as Ma’in, a site that is rich with mineral-saturated water making it a physical and emotional healing spa destination contributing to the tourism industry in Jordan. We are delighted to complement our facilities with a Six Senses Spa which will be operating with full new setup and are pleased to have Flamingo Hotel Management Company operating our hotel as they are present through out the region.”
Set in a bed of volcanic rock formation and located some 264 meters below the sea level this hotel offers a variety of leisure activities ranging from trekking to the Dead Sea to the less demanding splashing out in the thermal water pools charged with an abundance of mineral such as sodium, calcium and chloride as well as a large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas (sulfur excellent for respiratory system diseases).
The thermal spa is therapeutic in nature and complement the treatments offered in the spa. Not only can guests get a massage and all that goes with a first class spa but they can also get treated for a variety of bodily problems to help the blood circulation and nervous system, cure disturbances in the central blood circulation and those in the limbs, act as a tranquilizing agent and help relaxation, enhance the functioning of all the body parts, help with rheumatic diseases and in certain cases of sterility and gynaecology, improve blood circulation, respiratory tract inflammations, heart diseases and eye diseases and improve stomach, kidney and intestinal sufferings as well as rheumatic, nervous system, and respiratory system diseases.
The Janna Spa & Resort offers a variety of packages tailor made to suit all needs. (