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About Ireland
What separates Ireland from its neighbours is the arresting beauty of the land, the turbulent history of the island, the broad smile that welcomes your arrival and the heartfelt farewell that signals your departure.

Discover Ireland, it's yours to enjoy.

Full name: Ireland

Capital City: Dublin

Area: 84,412km

Population: 3,744,700
Time Zone
WEST = GMT + 01:00 (Western Europe Daylight / Summer Time)
Irish or Gaelic (official), English (official)

The country enjoys a relatively mild climate with average monthly temperatures ranging from seven degrees celsius in January to 19 degrees in July. Ireland has an average monthly rainfall of between two and three inches with average daily hours of sunshine ranging from two hours in December to six hours in June.

UK citizens do not require a passport or visa to enter Ireland. Citizens living within the EU and most other Western countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa also do not require visas. All other countries should contact their local Irish Embassy/Consulate prior to travelling to the Republic of Ireland, and visitors to Northern Ireland should contact their local British Embassy/High Commission or Consular Office.

Currency & Cost
The unit of currency is the euro in the Republic of Ireland, whilst the currency in Northern Ireland is pound Sterling.
1 euro = $1.23519

Average room price: 124 euros
Overall room occupancy rate
66 per cent

Average meal price
Value meals 5-7 euros
Three-course meals 45 euros