Tall buildings don’t bring in tourists, says branding expert

Brandt: history matters

DESPITE the tourism bodies’ good work, the Middle East still has a long way to go to be thought of as a tourist hot spot, says identity and branding specialist Hans Brandt, chairman of European design firm Total Identity, architects of identities such as KLM.

“Apart from Egypt, the region is still viewed as ‘dangerous’, and that perception will only change with stronger media exposure,” he told TTN on a visit to the region in support of the company’s new Dubai-based agency, Image Creators.
The Gulf in particular, he says, is being associated with man-made islands and mega real-estate developments.
“Tall buildings don’t suggest a great holiday. The Gulf countries would do well to learn from Turkey and Morocco, by incorporating their region’s history, culture and archaeology into the destination personalities,” he says.
TTN spoke with Brandt at length as part of a branding feature for our June issue.