Thrifty enhances service to Dhofar region


A marked rise in inbound tourism, especially to the southern Dhofar region, has resulted in rapid development within Oman’s hospitality sector.

Thrifty Car Rental has opted to capitalise on this era of growth and development in the Sultanate by actively participating in a number of events organised by the government to highlight Oman’s natural beauty and tremendous potential as the cultural capital of the Middle East.
This summer, the car rental company will be offering enhanced services to the influx of visitors expected from across the GCC to Salalah and other cities in Dhofar during the annual ‘Khareef’ festival, which occurs between July and August, and celebrates the cultural heritage of Oman. 
“Thrifty’s 24-hour presence, personalised service and quality vehicles have enabled us to become the car rental company of choice for visitors to Oman during peak seasons like the very popular Khareef festival,” said Murtadha Jaffer, chairman and managing director, Thrifty Oman.
The ‘Khareef’ festival is named after the monsoon winds that sweep across Dhofar from June to September cooling the blazing summer temperatures to a pleasant 25 degrees celsius and turning the arid landscape into a lush, green oasis making it the ideal getaway destination for GCC residents looking for a break from the scorching summer heat.