Jumeirah partners with DoHMS to provide training


Jumeirah, the Dubai-based luxury hospitality group, has partnered with Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DoHMS) to provide training for ambulance personnel and paramedics.

In a bid to raise the level of knowledge and awareness for both DoHMS Emergency Services team and Jumeirah paramedics, the two entities have agreed to train each other in the areas required. A training manager from DoHMS recently carried out an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course for Jumeirah’s senior paramedics that will make them one of very few paramedics in Dubai that are qualified to this level.
Jumeirah’s paramedics have also offered to voluntarily train DoHMS emergency services team in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support. Training has already been carried out at the DoHMS training centre in Basic Life Support and members of the DoHMS emergency services team have already been examined by Jumeirah’s paramedics. The partnership is mutually beneficial and encourages both organisations to better their skills by sharing existing qualifications.