Milestone for Jet Airways


With the induction of the Airbus 340-300 E into its fleet, Jet Airways has become the first airline in India to put this aircraft type into service on its long-haul routes  from Mumbai to London.

This is the first of three A340-300E aircraft which were inducted into Jet Airways’ fleet.
A large number of business travellers originating in the Middle East region need to travel to India and UK in the same trip. Jet Airways now offer a good circle trip option, where they can travel from here to India on any airline, connect onto Jet Airways for the India to London flight, and then return directly back to the Gulf and Middle East from London on any airline.
This new overseas operations will also be very useful for holiday travellers from this region who regularly travel homebound to India in the summer months. They can consider a holiday in London after spending some time at home in India.
Very special fares have also been introduced. The fares for Mumbai-London-Mumbai start at $617 excluding taxes which can be booked and purchased through any of our travel agency partners in the Gulf and Middle East region.
Jet Airways’ A340-300 Enhanced aircraft will carry 269 passengers in a two class layout and will boast of having the quietest cabins in the sky. “Premiere” the Business Class with 38 seats offers a luxurious six-abreast seating. With this arrangement, passengers are assured of either an aisle or window seat and what’s more special passengers get to experience the world’s best flat bed seats with a seat pitch of 73 inches. A comfortable 32” seat pitch in the Economy Class with 231 seats, has passengers typically seated eight-across ensuring that no passenger is ever more than one seat away from an aisle.
For its passengers inflight entertainment, Jet Airways offers an absolute state-of-the-art entertainment system such as digital audio and video on demand to all seats. High resolution arm LCD screens for sharper, brighter images are available in “Premiere” and seatback LCD screens in the Economy class.
A wide choice of Hollywood and Bollywood feature films, a library of 60 audio CDs, eight audio broadcast channels, single and multi-player interactive games have been especially programmed for Jet Airways’ passengers.