BA check-in kiosks arrive in Newcastle


Innovative kiosks allow passengers to check-in quicker than making a cup of tea.

Last month saw the arrival of more pioneering check-in kiosks for British Airways customers at Newcastle International Airport (NIA). Following the success of the existing kiosks, three more have been added due to unprecedented customer demand. Set to cut queues dramatically, the self-service machines allow passengers to check-in in under one minute, compared to the traditional queues which can take up to 12 minutes. 
A departure from the traditional check-in desks, staff take to the floor and are on-hand to help passengers use the six kiosks, as required. Ideal for business travellers and holiday customers alike, the kiosks also allow passengers to take full control of their travel, even down to which seat they choose on the flight and can even check themselves in for return flights.
The kiosks are complimented by ‘Fast Baggage Drop’ desks nearby, to speed up the process even further for passengers with luggage.
The new kiosks further emphasise BA’s dedication to customer service. Angela Cook, BA station manger at NIA explained, “If we help our passengers check-in quicker, it makes their journey even more enjoyable and far more relaxing. The machines are simple to use and very efficient, although we shall still have staff available to guide our passengers through every step.
“The kiosks will put an end to tiresome queues and waiting time, in fact we envisage that 100 per cent of our customers will eventually check-in this way. There has already been a significant decrease in the use of traditional check-in desks by 38 per cent.”
Nicola Boulter, head of commercial at NIA, said “This cutting edge technology is a welcome addition to the Check-In Hall. Even at this early stage we have been hugely impressed by the speed at which passengers are able to check-in and move through to departures.”
 The BA personnel have also had an update, with a brand new uniform designed by Julien McDonald launched earlier this year.